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The Mitchell Show Society Inc.

Celebrating 108th show in 2024

Mitchell History

2024 is the Mitchell Show Society’s 108th Show. 

Though the foundation for a Mitchell Show began in 1886, records indicate that it was not until 1909 that the first Mitchell Show was held at the Racecourse Grounds. The president for 1909 and 1910 was Mr R.C. Lethbridge.  1911 saw the show moved to its current location under the Presidency of Mr J.W. Westcott. 

It is unfortunate that many of the original records regarding the early years of the Mitchell show were lost in the 2012 floods.

Events and show categories have changed through the years, with volunteers and committee members working with diligence and dedication to ensure expenses were kept to a minimum through innovative fund-raising events. 

The Mitchell Show is about the community of Mitchell and district. It is Everybody’s show.

The volunteers who make it happen come from all walks of life, often taking on responsibility that are outside of their expertise and daily experience; yet working together to make the yearly event something that makes the whole community proud. 

There are many stories to tell. All who have walked through the gates have found memories of the most exciting ring events, the best exhibits, or the rush of sideshow alley. 

We are not just a small country show, but the growth and pride of a community, as the Mitchell District shards its history and demonstrates its resilience and community. 

Through a show, once a year, it shows off what the area has to offer and what makes it great. 

The Commemorative Book and history of  Mitchell Shows: “100 Mitchell Shows” is available in the Archives in the Library.